Detective John Hobbes' (Denzel Washington's) voice-overs throughout the movie are not from his perspective after all, but instead as the voice of Azazel, who possesses him. In the final showdown, after a posessed Detective Jones (John Goodman) has shot and killed Lieutenant Stanton (Donald Sutherland), and is in turn shot fatally by Hobbes. Hobbes reveals that he dragged them out into the middle of nowhere so that when he dies (smoking a poisoned cigarette), Azazel will be stranded with no one to possess and die himself. Jones dies, and Azazel forces himself into Hobbes, who dies shortly thereafter of the poison. At which point... Azazel lands in the body of a stray cat. (Both the cat's presence at the house and the fallen angel's ability to possess felines were briefly established earlier, so it's fair.) Azazel scampers off to find a new body and begin afresh.
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