Five Came Back

Pilot Bill Brooks (Chester Morris), co-pilot Joe (Kent Taylor), shady lady Peggy Nolan (Lucille Ball), virtuous Alice Melbourne (Wendy Barrie), and the kid, Tommy Mulvaney (Casey Johnson), are the five who came back. Professor and Mrs Spengler (C. Aubrey Smith, Elisabeth Risdon) and the criminal, Vasquez (Joseph Calleia), are left alive on the ground as the headhunters close in, with the Professor thinking that the gun Vasquez is holding has three bullets: one for each of them. Vasquez, however, knows it only has two, and we're left to assume that Vasquez, who has turned out to be a lot more noble than some of the 'good' characters, will do the decent thing and kill the Spenglers before the headhunters can get them (as per the Professor's request), leaving himself well and truly in the lurch.

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