Cast Away

Chuck (Tom Hanks) builds a raft and leaves the island after four years. He is picked up by an oil tanker, and returns to the US. Kelly (Helen Hunt) is married, and has a child. They agree that they love each other, but they cannot be together. Chuck then decides to track down the owner of the only FedEx package that he never opened-the one with the sufi wings on it. He drives out into the middle of nowhere-flat dessert all around to where there's a big crossroads, and goes to the house that the package came from-the house is the only one on the road, the wings are all over, like an artist or something lives there; the person's not there, so he leaves a note saying that the package helped to save his life, and drives off. He goes back to the crossroad, and is looking at a map, when a beautiful girl turns, stops and asks if he needs directions, they chat, make some good eye contact, and she drives off towards the house. He notices the wings on the back of her jeep, stares out at the crossroads, smiles, pulls out and turns through the crossroads to head back to the house where he left the package. (Where we are to assume the girl lives and he finds happiness)
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