Series 7

Connie (Marylouise Burke) gives Tony (Michael Kaycheck) a lethal injection. Franklin (Richard Venture) beats Lindsay (Merritt Wever) to death. Connie shoots Franklin. Jeffrey (Glenn Fitzgerald) shoots Connie. Doria (Angelina Phillips) shoots Dawn (Brooke Smith). Jeffrey shoots himself in the head, but survives to return as champion.

Jason Z. wrote in with an explanation of why the final scene was played out as a "dramatization" with "actors" in the original film (as shown in the DVD extras):
In reality, Jeffrey and Dawn made peace and left the theater together, where they were greeted by an angry mob of Series 7 fans. The fans, upset that Dawn and Jeff broke the rules of the show, chased the two into the parking lot and violently beat them. Jeffrey survived.

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