Holy Rollers

Sam Gold (Jesse Eisenberg) goes from reluctant courier to complacent drug mule. However, soon enough rumors begin to fly in his community. His father confronts him and disowns him from the family. Sam abandons his calling to be a rabbi and moves full time into the drug trade.

Sam recruits a team of his own couriers, but they get busted on their first run. Sam runs to Josef (Justin Bartha) for help, but Josef has been consumed by drugs and is of no help.

Sam goes back home and talks to Leon, his friend and Josef's brother requesting help. Sam hears police sirens. Leon called the cops.

Title cards say Sam and his couriers spent 28 months in federal boot camp. Josef and Jackie (who was Sam and Josef's boss) are convicted on drug charges and get 16 years each. Rachel (Ari Graynor) got a year for participating in the drug ring.

The last scene is Sam walking at the prison with his father, who he has apparently reconciled with.

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