Who's Your Daddy

The money and popularity that came with being chairman of Heaven Magazine eventually goes to Chris’ (Brandon Davis) head and turns him into a complete jerk. He ignores his responsibilities as chairman in favor of partying, he ignores his lessons at school, he shows disrespect towards his family, and he takes Brittany (Marnette Patterson) to the Spring Fling Dance despite earlier promising Kate (Christine Lakin) that he would take her. However, he soon comes to regret being so flippant when his accounts get frozen, his friends shun him after they grow tired of his attitude, and worst of all, he gets replaced as chairman by his scheming uncle Duncan (William Atherton) when the board of directors casts a unanimous vote of no confidence against him.

Knowing now that he has hit rock bottom, he sets out to rectify his errors. He talks to and patches things up with his family and friends, and he also talks to Kate, telling her that he finally understands now that she was always the right gal for him, and they kiss. He also calls up Elissa (Ali Landry) and requests the aid of her and the other Heaven’s Angels. They come to Xenia, and with Chris, Kate, and his friends, they put together next month’s issue of Heaven.

At a board meeting Duncan is holding, Chris enters unannounced – backed by Betsy (Lin Shaye) and Andy (Kadeem Hardison) – and reveals to the board how he has discovered that Duncan has been embezzling from the company and now plans to sell it off bit by bit at insider prices. Duncan denies it and then tries to turn the tables on Chris by bringing up how, because of Chris’ negligence, next month’s issue of Heaven isn’t ready for release, but Chris brings in his family and friends, who present some finished copies of the newest issue to the board to show that it is ready for the marketplace. The board reinstates Chris as chairman, and Chris declares that the company will now be under Andy and Betsy’s supervision until he graduates from college. The assembly parties in celebration, Chris kisses Kate, and an embarrassed Duncan leaves.

Thanks Tornado Dragon!