Surfer, Dude

After 58 days without waves, Steve (Matthew McConaughey) decides that he can’t take it anymore and heads to the house where Eddie (Jeffrey Nordling) is doing his reality show and signs his contract – albeit on a few conditions – to participate in the show and his virtual surfing game. Meanwhile, Danni (Alexie Gilmore) devises a plan to get back at Eddie for tampering with her footage of Steve and hurting his image as a result of it.

First, she calls her father Mercer (John Terry), who owns a conglomerate, and tells him that Eddie’s business is worth acquiring, but Eddie himself is a scumbag. Then, she sneaks into the reality show house with help from her friend Stacy (Sarah Wright), who works on the show, and she finds and takes the uncut footage. She then comes up to Steve as he is getting ready for his first virtual surfing test, and kisses him and leaves.

Steve soon changes his mind about what he has gotten himself into, deliberately botching the test and then running away from the house. He ends up at Farmer Bob’s (Willie Nelson) farm the next morning, and realizes that his herd of goats might be able to help his manager Jack (Woody Harrelson) revive his failing lawn mowing business, since they could eat the grass and fertilize the lawns with their feces at the same time.

Later that day, Mercer – along with his associate Mr. Simons (Nolan North) – visits Eddie and tells him that his conglomerate has bought his company, but soon after, he shows Eddie the uncut footage of Steve now being aired on the reality show. Mercer tells Eddie that because he slandered and defamed Steve by airing the edited footage on the show, he is fired. The airing of the real footage restores Steve’s reputation in the surfing community. As this is happening, Steve meets with Jack and successfully convinces him to go along with his goat idea, and the waves finally return.

Mercer summons Steve and Jack to the reality show house to work out something regarding Steve’s contract, but Steve just tells him to talk it over with Jack. He then heads down to the beach with Danni to ride the waves again.

Thanks Tornado Dragon!