Thirty Minutes or Less

Nick (Jesse Eisenberg) and Chet (Aziz Ansari) manage to rob the bank and get the money before the bomb will explode. Dwayne (Danny McBride) instructs Nick to drive and meet for the code. Instead of Dwayne they meet up with the hired hitman and Juicy from the strip club who happens to be his girlfriend. When he tells Nick he doesn't have an code, Nick shows him the bomb and a fight breaks out between the 4 of them. Nick and Chet leave with the money and threaten Dwayne. The hitman cancels the hit on Dwayne's father and decides to kill Dwayne instead. The hitman shows up at Dwayne's house, the Major shoots him and he shoots the major leaving him for dead.

Dwayne and Travis (Nick Swardson) kidnap Chet's sister and use her as a bargaining chip for the money. Back at the yard, the exchange goes haywire. Nick, Chet and his sister get away with the money. Dwayne follows them in the minivan, but doesn't know Nick reactivated the bomb and put it in the back of Dwayne's van, which explodes. Chet opens the money thinking they got away clean, and a dye pack explodes.

After the credits, there's a commercial for Dwayne's tanning salon/happy ending massage parlor, featuring Dwayne,Travis and the Major in a wheelchair.  

Thanks Kia!