Bloodsport IV
The Dark Kumite

The reason death row prisoners are disappearing is because of Caesar (Ivan Ivanov). Whenever he sees one that has superb fighting abilities, he orders the staging of their executions and then brings them to his castle to have them fight to the death in his own secret Kumites, where he promises the winners their freedom and $1 million with plane fare out of the country. That was how Schrek (Stefanos Miltsakakis) avoided execution at Fuego Penal: He was brought into one of those Kumites and won it. Keller (Daniel Bernhardt in a different role) finds out about all of this when he ends up getting chosen by Caesar to be a combatant in a new Kumite, alongside his friend Winston (Michael Krawic) – who is an undercover U.S. Marshal – and Schrek.

Keller gets matched against Winston, but he refuses to kill him. Having already known Winston’s true identity, Caesar realizes that because Keller won’t kill him, he must be working undercover as well. He takes a handgun and aims it in Keller’s direction, but he instead shoots Winston, and warns Keller that he’d better kill when he tells him to.

Keller and Schrek end up facing each other in the finals of the Kumite. As Schrek has Keller pinned to the ground and Warden Preston (Derek McGrath) stands over Keller telling him that now he will die, he snatches Preston’s pen from his coat pocket and drives it into Schrek’s ear canal. In pain, Schrek gets to his feet, and Keller kicks the pen deep into his head, killing him and winning the Kumite.

Soon after, Files (Dennis La Valle) points his handgun in Keller’s face, but Blaire (Lisa Stothard) – who found out about Keller’s whereabouts from one of his inmate acquaintances in Fuego Penal – shows up on a balcony and shoots and kills Files. Keller and Blaire then kill Caesar’s guards as well as Warden Preston, but Caesar disappears amidst the chaos. He soon reappears and takes Blaire hostage, but with Blaire’s encouragement, Keller shoots Caesar in the head, killing him.

As Keller and Blaire embrace and kiss, Winston shows up, revealing that he only got shot in the hip. Keller and Blaire help him out of the castle before the end credits roll.


Thanks Tornado Dragon!