Our Idiot Brother

After Ned (Paul Rudd) is rearrested on a parole violation and refuses to accept bail money from his sister Miranda, his sister's realize the only way he will be willing to leave jail is if they get his dog, Willie Nelson, back from his vindictive ex-girlfriend Janet. In the process of doing that, his sister's realize that they shouldn't blame him for the recent upheaveal in their wrold. Ned inadverently made them confront the problems they had been too afraid to face, and they begin to make things right with their lives.

Miranda (Elizabeth Banks) stops leading Jermey (Adam Scott) on and they begin to date.

Liz (Emily Mortimer) divorces her cheating husband and lets her son do karate. She seems open to being set up with one of Jeremy's friends.

Natalie (Zooey Deschanel) makes up with her girlfriend Cindy (Rashida Jones) despite cheating and they agree to raise the baby together.

Ned and Janet's ex Billy open a candle shop. Ned meets a woman in the park whose dog is named Dolly Parton. They have a moment, implying the two of them will start a relationship.

Thanks Spectre!