Dancer, TX Pop 81

Even though Keller Coleman, Squirrel, John Hemphill and Terrell Lee Lusk vowed years ago that they'd leave the tiny town of Dancer and move to Los Angeles together after graduating from high school, all of them but Keller are persuaded by family or friends to stay.

Reluctantly, Keller decides to stay, and asks his close friend Vivian to marry him. She laughs at the idea- she regards him as a brother, not as a boyfriend. She loves small town life, but knows Keller would be miserable in a town like Dancer, and urges him to follow his dream. Keller tries to convince himself that he can't leave his ailing grandfather behind, but his gruff grandfather also urges Keller to move West.

Terrell had agreed to stay in Dancer because his mother (Patricia Wettig) laid a guilt trip on him, and convinced him that he had a duty to take over the family oil business. But Terrell's dad reveals that the oil business is heavily in debt, and on the verge of collapse. He encourages his son to move to L.A., if that's what he really wants.

Terrell races to the bus stop to join Keller. The entire town turns out to bid them both farewell and wish them luck.

Thanks John L!