Wicked Lake

Short Ending:
The four girls turn out to be centuries-old witches. Although three are killed over the course of the night, the surviving one manages to reincarnate them by dawn.

Long Ending:
A nude model, Ilene (Robin Sydney), is approached by a shy and learning disabled art student named Caleb. He discovers that Ilene has three hot roomates - Helen (Eryn Joslyn), Jill (Eve Mauro), and Mary (Carlee Baker). Unbeknownst to Caleb, the four women are all lesbians.  Caleb returns home, where it is discovered that he is a member of a seemingly inbred family (a la Texas Chainsaw Massacre) led by his older brother Runt, mentally, and including his retarded brother Fred, and their wheelchair-bound, dementia suffering, war veteran father Sir Jim. The four girls go on a trip to a rented lake house for the night, meeting some menacing rednecks on the way. Meanwhile, two cops, Ray and Jake, are hot on the trail of some serial killers.

Later on that night, Runt and family manage to gain entry into the cabin rented by the four girls and take them hostage at knife and gun-point. Ilene ends up killing Caleb, and then Frank accidentally ends up killing Ilene during the struggle. Mary is forced to perform fellatio on Sir Jim (although she bites it off after a few minutes). When the clock strikes midnight, the women all easily escape from their restraints and unveil that they are  centuries-old cannibalistic witches (replete with sharp, pointy teeth), powered by the light of the full-moon. They quickly take their three remaining captors hostage. Two of the rednecks show up to apologize for their earlier behavior, and Jill kills one while the other escapes.We also discover that the serial killers the cops are tracking are the four women, and they proceed to journey towards the cabin.

The remaining three women torture and kill Fred, Sir Jim, and Runt respectively. The cops then show up, and Jake is immediately killed. Ray, mourning the loss of his partner (and his dead dad's best friend to boot) charges into the house and manages to kill Mary and Jill before being knocked out by Helen. When he awakens, he is tied to a table with Helen performing a resurrection rite with Ray as a human sacrifice. Ray manages to escape thanks to a hidden knife and is about to slay Helen, when the surviving redneck and his friend show up. A fight ensues in which the surviving redneck and Ray are killed. Helen promises to give the friend a sexual reward, but then she and her dead witch friends devour him live. The credits roll as the four women bathe nude in the lake, presumably enjoying their success.

Order of Deaths:

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