Twilight: Breaking Dawn Pt 1

Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward (Robert Pattinson) finally wed and honeymoon on a private island outside of Rio de Janeiro. They consummate they marriage and within days, Bella realizes she is pregnant.  Because the baby is part human/part vampire, it grows quickly and makes Bella very ill.  In order to hide her condition, she tells her family that she had gotten sick on the honeymoon and will be delayed coming home when in reality, she is being nursed through the pregnancy at the Cullen home in Forks.  Edward is initially furious with Bella because he knows she’ll die in childbirth and no amount of his venom will be able to save her.  But after a few weeks Edward can hear the baby’s thoughts in womb and the newlyweds bond over their love for their unborn child.

Meanwhile, Jacob (Taylor Lautner) is devastated that Bella is choosing the life of her baby over her own. When the wolf pack learns that she’s expecting, they want to kill her and the baby.  Jacob leaves Sam’s pack and vows to protect the Cullens with the help of his fellow Quileute's, Seth and Leah.  Jacob distracts Sam’s pack so that some of the Cullen’s can feed. While Carlisle, Esme and Emmett are gone, Bella goes into labor.  The baby all but crushes her. Edward and Jacob deliver a healthy baby girl, named Renesme, but Bella is dying.  Edward injects her with his venom in hopes of saving her and turning her into a vampire.  He is convinced that he is too late and Jacob, thinking that Bella has died, goes to kill Renesme. But as soon as he sees her, he imprints on her. 

Sam’s pack shows up at the Cullen home ready to kill Renesme. The Cullens and the wolves battle each other but Edward announces that Jacob has imprinted on the baby and wolf law states that no wolf can ever harm the individual one of their own has imprinted on.  The wolves grudgingly leave.  Carlisle realizes that Edward’s venom is working and Bella is making the transition. Her body slowly heals and she starts to take on the characteristics of a vampire – white skin, beautiful hair, etc. Suddenly her eyes open and they are blood red – the color of a hungry vampire.

To be continued…

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Chris adds:
Once the initial set of credits roll there is a short scene with the Voltari. They are told that Bella has had the child and that she is now a vampire, which makes them happy. One member of the Voltari then believes their issues with the Cullens to be over then the head Voltari Aro says, “No, it isn’t. I thought you understood, brother. The Cullens have something I want.”