Lucas (Corey Haim) is devastated when Maggie (Kerri Green), the older girl he has a crush on, gets romantically involved with football star Cappie (Charlie Sheen).

He decides the only way to impress her is to become a football star himself. He's not allowed to join the team, but he shows up at a game and suits up anyway. He runs onto the field and joins the game. His uniform and helmet are way too big for him so when a pass is thrown his way, he takes off his helmet to try to catch the ball. He makes the catch, but then fumbles. When an opposing player picks up the ball, Lucas tackles him, but is severely injured in the pileup that follows.

Lucas is taken to the hospital. Maggie and Cappie try to find Lucas' family at the estate they think he lives on, but find out he really lives in a trailer park with his alcoholic father, who isn't around.

Lucas recovers, and Maggie visits him in the hospital. She persuades him never to play football again. They talk about the 17 year locusts, who have now gone away. Lucas hopes that he and Maggie will still be friends when the locusts return.

When Lucas finally comes back to school, everyone points at him and whispers behind his back. The jocks are all waiting by his locker, and Lucas fears he's going to be beaten up or hassled. Instead, he opens his locker and finds the jocks have given him a varsity jacket. The entire student body claps for Lucas supportively. 

Thanks John L!