A Horrible Way to Die

A serial killer Garrick Turrell (AJ Brown) breaks out of custody and begins to track down his ex-girlfriend, killing several other women along the way. His ex, Sarah (Amy Seimetz), has been relocated to a small town to work as a dentist after discovering that Garrick was a killer. At her AA meetings, she meets Kevin (Joe Swanberg) a seemingly nice guy who she starts a relationship with.

After Sarah's friend is discovered butchered, Sarah realizes Garrick is after her and goes to Kevin. Kevin suggests they hide out in his family's cabin. When they get there, two of his old "drinking buddies" Rusty and Reed are already there. They knock Sarah out and hang her up upside down. It turns out Kevin and his friends consider Garrick their idol and plan to help him kill her (as for Sarah's friend, Rusty and Reed killed her, so Sarah would go to Kevin for help and thus spring the trap).

Garrick arrives to the cabin having been invited by the group. Garrick asks why Sarah is tied up. Kevin states that they'll kill her because she caused him to get caught. Garrick shocks the three saying he has no ill will towards Sarah for getting him arrested, feeling that he broke his promise to her to be a good man. Garrick actually likes being in prison because nobody bothers him. The only reason he decided to break out was because Kevin and his friends wrote him about their plans. Garrick didn't break out to kill Sarah; he broke out to SAVE HER.

Garrick takes a pistol from Rusty and uses it to kill him and Kevin. Reed stabs Garrick, and despite his pleas, is shot in the head by Garrick. Sarah pleads for Garrick to let her down. He does, and they look at each other with longing as they remember the happiness they had before his crimes were discovered. Garrick dies, and Sarah walks out of the cabin in order to get help.

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