Let's Talk About Sex

During an argument with Michael (Joseph C. Phillips), Jazz (Troy Beyer) finally admits to him that she is unable to have children, and he understands that this is why she suggested putting off a possible wedding, which led to their breakup. Now that he knows the truth, the two of them begin to rekindle their relationship.

Jazz culls through all of the footage she shot and creates her talk show demo tape. The morning after, she asks for Lena (Randi Ingerman) to label her tape and for Michelle (Paget Brewster) to give it to the TV studio by ten o’clock and make a copy, since she still had six letters to answer and have on her editor’s desk by nine. Just then, Michelle’s sister Morgan (Michaline Babich) shows up, and she tells the trio that she and Drew (Tina Nguyen) have split up. Jazz offers her sympathy, but then has to leave for work. Morgan explains to the others that she had filmed herself having sex with Chloe (Daphne Duplaix) – a woman that she met at Drew’s birthday party – while high on weed, and Drew had found the tape. Drew then comes over with the sex tape, and she and Morgan fight, but after they calm down and have a talk, they decide to stay together.

However, as they leave, they accidentally take Jazz’s tape instead of theirs, and they later burn it. Michelle finds this out when she discovers that she brought the sex tape to the TV studio (during which she gets reacquainted with A.J. [Dale Paris], a bartender she met at Drew’s party who worked at the studio as well) and then calls up Morgan about it. When she gets home, she tells Lena, and then they break the bad news to Jazz when she shows up minutes later. She is heartbroken for a while, but she slowly gets over it, and decides that she’ll just have to try again next year.

The night of the Marlin Party, Michael surprises Jazz by showing up outside her apartment building when he had earlier told her he’d meet her at the party, and he asks for her hand in marriage. After some encouragement from Michelle and Lena, she accepts. At the Marlin Party, Scott (James Hyde) appears looking for another booty call from Lena, but she finally blows him off for good. Michelle and A.J. also officially hit it off.

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