Troll 2

The Waits family and Elliot (Jason Wright) – acting on instructions Joshua (Michael Stephenson) received from Grandpa Seth (Robert Ormsby) – place their hands on the Stonehenge Magic Stone – the source of the goblins’ evil power – and concentrate their combined goodness into it. This act purges the stone of its power and kills Creedence (Deborah Reed) and all of the goblins. 

They all return to the city afterwards, and Diana (Margo Prey) and Joshua are dropped off at their home while the others attend to other matters. As Joshua heads to his room to take a nap, Diana digs into an apple from the refrigerator, unaware that the goblin family that her family had exchanged houses with had put goblin potion into it. Like all of the other victims, she becomes a vegetable/human hybrid, and Joshua soon discovers the aforementioned goblin family eating her. When one of them asks Joshua if he wants some, he screams, and then the credits roll.

While the Waits family and Elliot have themselves barricaded inside the farmhouse to protect themselves from the goblins stationed outside, Holly (Connie McFarland) suggests that they all hold a séance to summon Grandpa Seth so he can help them out. They do so, and he comes to them, telling them that he will be disappearing forever in ten minutes time, and that together they could destroy the Stonehenge Magic Stone that gives the goblins their power. He then tells Joshua to concentrate, and when Joshua does, he passes out. Seconds later, the goblins ambush the family and chase them around the house, and Joshua disappears.

Joshua awakens in Creedence’s chapel. A goblin soon attacks him, but Seth saves him. Seth hands Joshua a knapsack and tells him that he can only take out its contents when he really needed them, and then he shows him the magic stone nearby. Together, they touch it to try to channel their goodness into it, since goodness could destroy its evil power. Meanwhile, Creedence calls out for the goblins to come to her just as they have the Waits family and Elliot cornered, and the goblins heed the call and vanish. Elliot and the family then immediately go out and look for Joshua.

Joshua and Seth fail to rid the stone of its evil, and Seth’s time runs out. He reiterates to Joshua that only the power of goodness can defeat the goblins, and then he says goodbye and fades away. Moments later, Creedence and the goblins show up and seize Joshua. Before Creedence can attempt to feed him the goblin potion and make him a vegetable, he reaches into the knapsack and pulls out what turns out to be a bologna sandwich. Since goblins hate meat, he takes several bites of it, making himself inedible to them. He then rushes back over to the stone and touches it just as his family and Elliot arrive, having been drawn there by Seth’s voice. He tells them all to touch the stone and concentrate, and when they do, their combined goodness purges the stone of its power and kills Creedence and all of the goblins.

The Waitses and Elliot return home, and Diana and Joshua decide to stay there while the others leave to attend to other matters. Diana digs in to an apple from the refrigerator, and Joshua tells her that he’s going to his room to take a nap. She tells him that she’ll do the same, too, after she takes a shower first. As Joshua sits in his room, he hears odd noises coming from the hallway, so he goes out to investigate. As he looks around downstairs, a baseball comes down the steps, which he finds has a message on it that reads: “Yummy! Mom is so good.” Frightened, he rushes upstairs to the bathroom to be with his mother, but he finds green vegetable slime all over the shower. He then runs back downstairs into the kitchen, and there he finds out that his mother has become a vegetable/human hybrid, since the apple she ate turned out to have goblin potion in it, and she is now being eaten by the goblin family that his family exchanged houses with. After one of them asks Joshua if he wants some, he screams, and then the credits roll.

Thanks Tornado Dragon!