Diary of a Nymphomaniac

Valérie is a young woman who loves sex, so much so, that some of her lovers feel threatened by it, and she worries that she is a nymphomaniac. 

She falls in love with Jaime and dedicates herself to him, although he does not satisfy her sexually.  Jaime proves to be abusive and she is forced to leave him and abort their unborn child. 

Devastated by the loss and in need of work, she decides that working as a call girl at a high-class brothel will allow her to earn a living while also satisfying her sexual desires.  Instead she is raped by a client and develops feelings for another client which are not reciprocated. 

Valérie realizes that with Jaime and with prostitution she has allowed herself to be controlled by men.  She quits her job at the brothel and reclaims her sexuality and independence.

Thanks Taiga!