Ghost Rider 2

As Johnny Blaze (Nicholas Cage) hides out in Eastern Europe, he is called upon to stop the devil, who is trying to take human form. An unorthodox priest named Moreau (Idris Elba) states that he can free Johnny from ever again becoming The Rider if Johnny will help protect a boy who is the devil's half-human son.

After Nadya (Violante Placido) and her son Danny (Fergus Riordan) are safely delivered to the priests, Moreau states he will keep up his end of their bargain and lift Johnny's curse. He explains that the thing inside Johnny is called Xaratos. Xaratos was once an Angel who was the Spirit of Justice but he was captured by demons and driven insane. This made him become the violent Spirit of Vengeance that has possessed Johnny. Once the ritual is complete and Xaratos is gone from his body, Johnny comes outside to find that Carrigan (Johnny Whitworth) has killed all of the priests and taken Danny to be sacrificed by Rourke (Ciaran Hinds). It is revealed that Rourke plans to use Danny's body as vessel for his power since the body he is currently inhabiting is dying. Johnny, Moreau and Nadya gather weapons and go off to try and stop Rourke from completing the ritual.

As they try to save Danny, Moreau is killed fighting Carrigan. Johnny tries to stand up to Rourke but is no match without the power of Xaratos. Because Danny is Rourke's offspring, he has all of Rourke's power. Once he realizes this, Danny puts the power of Xaratos back inside Johnny, who instantly transforms into The Rider and kills all of Rourke's followers. During the commotion, Rourke and some of his men escape with Danny. The Rider chases after them. Most of the henchman are easily dispatched but Johnny has a long battle with Carrigan before he is finally able to kill him. The Rider then uses his chain to wreck the car carrying Rourke and Danny. Using his chain, The Rider throws Rourke into the air then yanks him back, plunging him straight to Hell. When Nadya arrives, The Rider pulls Danny out of the wreckage but he appears to be dead. As Johnny grieves, he says that he can now feel what's left of the Angelic creature that Xaratos used to be. The flames surrounding his body change color from yellow to blue and Johnny is able to use his power to revive Danny. Danny asks if they won and Johnny replies "Hell yes".

The Rider is seen speeding by on his cycle. His body and the bike are now covered in blue flame. In a voiceover, Johnny states "I am the Ghost Rider".  

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