Sweet Karma

On finding out her sister has been murdered by the Russian sex slave trade in Canada, a mute Russian girl Karma Balint (Shera Bechard), infiltrates the ring with the purpose of killing everyone who had a hand in her sister's death. She kills several involved in the sex slave ring and frees several girls though she does not escape unscathed; she is beaten several times and at one point is raped by one of the men (though she kills the rapist gruesomely in turn).

With the help of Will (John Tokatlidis), who works in the ring and revealed to be an undercover cop, Karma is able to kill one of the other leaders, and also takes Stefan (Frank J. Zupancic) hostage in order to locate the de facto boss, David Grey (Brent Crawford). Will and Karma take Stefan to Grey's house and Karma kills Stefan at the front door. She is about to kill Grey when a woman stops her. It is Anna Balint (Patricia Stasiak), Karma's sister. Anna was not killed; Grey bought her freedom from Stefan. Anna says she loves him and claims that she was going to contact Karma soon.

Disillusioned on several levels (that her revenge spree was in a sense for nothing and led her to be raped, that her sister could love a man that profits on the misery of women, and that Anna was so comfortable in her new life that she could not bother to quickly contact her sister) Karma almost shoots them, but instead fires into the ceiling and leaves, apparently never wanting to see Anna again. On the way out, the wounded Will says he will cover for her and lets her escape.

The films ends at the airport. Karma smokes a cigarette outside and feels the cross necklace her sister gave her. She yanks it off her neck and throws it to the ground. Karma heads to a destination unknown, unsure what to do with her life.

Thanks Spectre!