Bad Biology

Short Ending:
Jennifer succeeds in bringing Batz's genitals back to life and the two copulate as Batz begins to overdose from all the drugs Jennifer pumped into his privates. The film ends with all three lying seemingly dead on the floor, when Jennifer gives bloody birth to a new phallic creature.

Long Ending:
In this "romance," Jennifer (Charlee Danielson) is a young woman born with mutated genitalia. She has seven pleasure points and an insatiable sexual appetite. She was kept in hospitals for most of her life and called a freak for her condition and desires, but has since left medical care and seems to be succeeding as a photographer. She also has sex with many many men. Because of her condition, however, she is wholly unable to control her emotions, often killing the men when they blow her off after intercourse or sometimes killing them in the throes of passion. Another side effect of her condition is that all her body functions operate at a superhuman rate - with her giving birth to mutant infants about two hours after she copulates. While Jennifer enjoys being pregnant, she doesn't want to be a mother and  abandons all her babies. She has also convinced herself that god made her this way so that god could later impregnate her with a real child.

Meanwhile, Batz (Anthony Sneed) has problems of his own. As a child, he was unable to get aroused, so he began injecting hormones and steroids directly into his "equipment." He got the desired results, finally being able to function like a man. As an unintended consequence, however, his genitals grew to an enormous size, and even developed its own malicious consciousness. Batz is often overwhelmed by the desires of his privates, and does everything he can to isolate himself from human contact and takes truck-loads of drugs to keep his condition at bay until he finds a cure.

A mutual friend of both sets up a photo-shoot for Jennifer at Batz's house. Batz can't resist himself and ends up peeping at the models as they change into costume, and soon his genitals grow out of control. Jennifer notices Batz's strange behavior and follows him to the bathroom where she captures a brief glimpse of his junk before he slams the door shut. She is intrigued at finally meeting another freak who could potentially fulfill her. She later sneaks back into Batz's apartment, where she witnesses him having sex with a prostitute, who is rendered catatonic by the experience. Jennifer decides she will return the next night and make love to Batz.

Unfortunately, Batz and his equipment get into a fight, and while Batz sleeps, his genitals exhibit a new power. It detaches itself from the rest of his body and slithers out into the world, attacking, copulating, and then killing various women. Jennifer shows up at Batz's house to discover that he is happy that he is no longer a slave to the desires of his private parts. At that point, his genitals return, but are on the edge of death due to the exertion of the night. Batz pleads with Jennifer to let them die, but she declines, injecting multiple doses of stimulants into it. As Batz begins to OD (he is still seemingly linked to his privates, although they are physically detached from him), Jennifer allows herself to have sex with the genitals - believing that they are controlled by god. We fast forward a few hours to find both Batz and his privates dead on the floor. Jennifer too looks dead, but suddenly screams and gives violent birth to a baby - that looks like an even more virile version of its dad. The son slithers off, likely seeking more women to terrorize .

Thanks Evan!