The Dark Chronicles

All of the main characters in the movie were molested as children by a man named Stanley Hawks.

Gregory (Ryan Racine) goes insane with the memories and eventually murders his friend before killing himself.

His sister Grace (Jessica Yorke) discovers his journal and then finds a diary of hers as a girl and remembers, leading her to recognize the images in her nightmare. She dreams of the end of the world and dies in her sleep (apparently having gone to hell, as she feared).

Their sister Katt (Alanna McConnell) and her friends listen to an audio recording of Stanley being examined in the psych ward which triggers her memory of abuse.

Katt, having repressed it almost completely snaps at the sudden recollection and murders the friends who inadvertently reminded her. Alex (Todd Christensen) crumbles at the return of his eating disorder and goes completely insane. It’s left up to the viewer if Alex submitted to his sexual-cannibalistic desires and murdered (and ate) his roommate or simply just imagined it before killing himself.

It’s suggested the Katt is taking vengeance against the other children who were molested as she actively seeks out Anna (Mackenzie Boyd-Garrison), reminding her of past trauma before killing her and her friends.

The final scene shows Colin (Alex Fairlie) webcasting his relief that he’s finally getting over his trauma - and a masked and knifed Katt is in the frame behind him.

Thanks Ryan!