Not Easily Broken
Dave and Clarice (Morris Chestnut and Taraji P. Henson) are a married couple that start out strong, with an allegory at their wedding of a "cord of three strands, not easily broken" set on their shoulders to symbolize the two of them plus God. As several years pass, Dave's hopes of a pro baseball career are cut short in his rookie year by an injury, so he makes his living as a contractor, while Clarice is very successful as a real estate broker. There is a lot of tension between them because Clarice is not ready for children and resents the time Dave (who loves kids and wants his own) spends coaching little league and playing basketball with his buddies.

While arguing in the car, they have an accident and Clarice suffers a badly broken leg. After the hospital discharges her, Clarice's mouthy & interfering mother moves in and takes over her care. A pretty blond physical therapist, Julie, (Maeve Quinlan) comes to the home and over several months helps embittered Clarice regain the ability to walk. Dave & Clarice grow further apart as Dave realizes he is attracted to Julie. Julie's a single mother, and her son Bryson is a champion swimmer training for the Junior Olympics. Dave attends one of Bryson's meets, and also helps him learn to play baseball.

At a counseling session, the bishop reminds the couple that their strength resides in their commitment not only to each other but to God; however, both  partners are hurt and blame each other for their situation. Clarice sees what is happening with Julie and throws Dave out of their house, at her mother's urging. Bryson dies in an accident at a swim meet, and Dave comforts Julie; however, when she is eventually ready for a more intimate encounter, Dave reluctantly but decisively pulls away.

Separate talks with the bishop and her mother help Clarice see her own role in damaging her relationship with Dave. She goes to his apartment and tells him she's willing to learn how to be his partner, and that her mother no longer has "voting rights" in their marriage. Dave is willing to work on the marriage, too. The next we see them, Clarice is supporting Dave's coaching; Julie and Clarice share a look of a truce, or at least a cease-fire; Julie is willing to go for coffee with one of Dave's friends, who has been after her from the beginning; and Clarice tells an overjoyed Dave that they are having a baby.

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