Magic Mike

Mike (Channing Tatum) decides he's had enough stripping and walks out on Dallas (Matthew McConaughey), who puts Adam (Alex Pettyfer) in charge of the group. Mike goes to talk to Adam's sister Brooke (Cody Horn) to let her know his decision and they finally hook up.

Longer version:
Adam gets involved in dealing drugs with the club's DJ and ends up in trouble with him after losing $10,000 worth of product. While looking for Adam the dealer's goons toss Mike's apartment and break some of his custom furniture. Mike uses the money he has saved up to launch his furniture business to pay off the goons.

Not knowing that he bailed out her brother, Brooke reams Mike out for being irresponsible and basically tells him he needs to grow up. She kicks Adam out of her apartment because she can't deal with the drama anymore. By the time Mike comes around looking for Adam she has found out about the money, thanks him, and apologizes for holding him responsible for her brother's misbehavior. But when Mike tries to flirt with her she tells him she still can't deal with his lifestyle. He claims that he wants to have a normal life but it's too hard to make it happen, and asks if she believes him. She says it doesn't matter if she believes in his good intentions--but does he believe it?

Adam finds Mike to say thank you, but in a condescending way that lets Mike know that he's still enjoying being a bad boy too much to stop.

That night, the Xquisite boys are doing their last show before moving to Miami for more girls and more money. Mike listens to the other guys getting ready for a while, shakes his head, and walks out. When Dallas realizes that Mike bailed on them he asks Adam if he's ready to be the lead. Adam says yes, and the guys go out to give their good-bye performance to the ladies of Tampa.

Mike shows up at Brooke's apartment and tells her that he walked out on the show. She asks him what he's going to do and he says he doesn't know, but would like to take her up on the opportunity to talk that she's always offered. Since she likes breakfast, he offers to take her out for breakfast. She says she only goes to one restaurant for breakfast, but it doesn't open until the morning. Mike asks her what she wants to do for seven hours, and Brooke says she's sure they can think of something. They hold hands, and Brooke kisses Mike.

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