The  psychopathic robber is killed earlier by Isa. The sympathetic robber is allowed to escape with the stolen property by Jaime. The family (and Isa's boyfriend) are all then killed by the robber ringleader who survives the car crash.

Long Ending:
The movie starts with a man abandoned and tied on the side of the road. He is eventually rescued by a driver, and when he calls home, he is told his wife has been shot (its implied that he has fallen prey to the robbers we are about to meet).

Cutting forward some point in time  A family moves into a new house, consisting of the father Jaime (Fernando Cayo), mother Marta (Ana Wagener), and teenage daughter Isa (Manuela Velles). We watch them for awhile, moving boxes and having discussions. Isa is mad because Marta wants her to stay at home rather than go on a date with her boyfriend Cesar. Jaime agrees to let Isa go on the date, and while Marta and he argue about this in their bedroom, the window shatters and two intruders jump in - immediately punching Marta and Jaime. Isa tries to escape, but is captured by a third intruder.

After the intruders gather the family together, they demand the key code for the safe and the family's credit cards and pin numbers. The ringleader of the robbers then takes Jaime out of the house to go make ATM withdrawals, while leaving Isa and Marta hostage with his two cohorts.

Various events happen, such as Jaime attempting to secretly call the police (he fails), Marta and Isa making an escape attempt (which fails), and Cesar swinging by and also being taken hostage by the two robbers. As these developments occur, we see that one robber is psychopathic and violent, while the other is interested only in the money/valuables and wants to cause as little trouble as possible for the captives.

Eventually, a police officer stops by the house since neighbors reported hearing screams. The psychopathic robber pretends to be Marta's husband and they seemingly convince the officer that nothing is wrong. As the officer turns to go, however, the psychopath slits his throat, claiming the cop knew something was up. He then decides to take Isa to the bedroom to rape her, breaking Marta's arm when she tries to stop him or convince him to rape her instead.

Meanwhile, the ringleader has Jaime drive him back to the house, and informs Jaime they will stop by again the next day to have him withdraw more money. Instead, Jaime crashes the car (seemingly killing the leader), takes the leader's gun, and runs towards his house.

Marta recovers consciousness and convinces the remaining robber to stop the psychopath. The robber interrupts the psychopath in the middle of his rape and the two fight while Isa crawls away. The psychopath incapacitates the other robber and goes after Isa again. Although she manages to stab him with scissors, he still catches her. As he prepares to resume his rape, she is able to grab a dumbbell and beat him to death with it. The other robber, seeing the carnage, grabs the valuables and flees the house. Outside, he sees Jaime, but the two simply let each other go.

Jaime goes into the house, comforts Isa, and then frees Marta and Cesar from their bonds. Jaime goes to call the police, but is attacked from behind and killed by the ringleader who had lived through the crash. Marta sees this and tries to shoot the leader, but does not know how to use the gun. The leader then disarms Marta and instead, shoots her to death (as well as Cesar who had run for the door). Isa, having witnessed this, collapses to the ground crying as the leader seemingly walks away.

The leader returns quickly, however, to kill Isa as well.

Order of Deaths:

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