In the Blink of an Eye

A Christian version of Groundhog Day.

David realizes his wife's disappearance is actually the Christian rapture, and God is causing David to relive the same day over and over.  Knowing he can't prevent her disappearance, he becomes a Christian and they disappear together.

David and Larry are Los Angeles police detectives who have just solved the kidnapping of pop star Lindsey.  In gratitude, Lindsey's manager/boyfriend Kevin invites them and their wives to spend the weekend on his boat in Mexico.  David and Larry's boss Captain Jones (Eric Roberts) is convinced that Kevin is dealing in criminal activity, so David agrees to look for evidence while on vacation.  A few days later, David, Larry, and their wives arrive in Mexico and all go on board Kevin's boat.

Once on the boat, the four of them begin to talk about God and Jesus.  Larry, who is a devout Christian, has been trying for a long time to get David to become a Christian, but without luck.  Larry's wife Suzette, also a Christian, talks to David's wife Lori about finding God.  Later that night, Lori admits to Suzette that their marriage is having problems, and she prays with Suzette and becomes a believer in God.  The next morning, the four of them head out to enjoy the nearby beach.  David senses that something is different about Lori, but she doesn't tell him about her conversion.  While on the beach, Larry and Suzette go off together and David gets a call from Captain Jones.  Jones learned that Kevin knew Lindsey's kidnapper, and he thinks that he may have had something to do with her kidnapping.  Later, David falls asleep on the beach.  When he wakes up, Lori is gone, and he later learns that Larry and Suzette are also missing.  David returns to the boat, and Kevin, Lindsey, and the crew are all wondering where everyone went.  They suspect that they ran off together, intentionally leaving David behind.  David wonders if Kevin had something to do with it.

The next morning, David wakes up and there's Lori.  David thinks he dreamed the whole thing, but then notices that everything that is happening is identical to what happened in the dream.  Now suspecting he didn't dream it, David questions Lori about leaving him once they arrive at the beach.  She admits they are having problems, but she would never leave him.  Now angry, she walks off and gets on a waverunner.  David chases her, but then there is a bright light and Lori disappears.  David searches the area where she vanished, but there is no sign of her body.  Since she, Larry, and Suzette weren't together when she disappeared, he now knows that it wasn't planned.  Now back on the boat, David confronts Kevin about the kidnapping of Lindsey and asks if he had anything to do with the other disappearances.  He doesn't deny being involved in Lindsey's kidnapping but insists he had nothing to do with Lori's disappearance.  One of the crew then knocks out David and throws him overboard.  Just as David drowns, he wakes up and there's Lori again.

Given another chance, this time David has the group stay together on the beach.  David tells Larry about what is happening, and Larry thinks that it might be the Christian rapture, and God is giving you another chance to become a believer.  David doesn't buy it and they return to the boat.  David arranges everyone on the boat to be together when the disappearances occur.  After witnessing Lori, Larry, and Suzette disappear, David is adamant that Kevin and the crew are responsible, while they think David is responsible.  They eventually pull guns on each other and, during the standoff, Lindsey is accidentally shot.  As she lays dying, she tells David that she is not afraid of dying because she is a Christian, but has backslid and will hopefully still get to heaven.  While holding Kevin and the crew at gunpoint, David goes through Larry's notes.  Based on what he had wrote about his past attempts to convert David, and what he was told on the beach, David realizes that it was the Christian rapture that caused their disappearances.  At this point, one of the crew gets the gun away from David and kills him.

David wakes up again and, now knowing that he needs to be a Christian to be with Lori in heaven, follows the exact path of the first day.  He tells her that he is now a believer, but when she disappears, David is still on the beach.  Distraught, he asks God what he needs to do to get to heaven.  The next morning, David wakes up and goes to Larry.  He tells him he wants to be a Christian and together they pray for David to become a believer.  He tells Lori what he did, and she admits that she prayed with Suzette the night before and she is also a believer now.  Before going to the beach, David goes to Lindsey and has her read Larry's notes and the part of the Bible concerning the rapture.  Now on the beach, David gets a call from Captain Jones.  David tells him that Kevin is responsible for the kidnapping and asks if he believes in God.  Jones tells him he doesn't and enjoy the rest of his vacation.  When the rapture occurs, both Lori and David disappear.  Back in Los Angeles, Captain Jones sees people disappear and hears numerous car crashes outside his office window.  

The movie ends with Kevin looking for Lindsey on the boat.  She has disappeared as well.

Thanks Steve!