Bride of Frankenstein

Dr. Frankenstein (Colin Clive) believes himself free of his creation (Boris Karloff) but the Monster survived the inferno by falling into an underground cistern.

The Monster skulks about the countryside for a while and eventually meets Dr. F's mentor, freaky old Dr. Praetorius (Ernest Thesiger).

Dr. P uses the Monster to get Dr. F to take his experiments in a new direction. Pervy Dr. P's idea is to create a mate for the Monster, then presumably observe what happens.  Dr. F reluctantly agrees (his fiancee is held hostage) but, upon bringing the pretty hot Bride (Elsa Lanchester) to life, she totally rejects the hideous Monster.

Depressed, the Monster orders Dr. F to leave, then pulls a switch blowing the tower, Dr. P, the Bride and himself to atoms.

Thanks, Frankenstyrene!