A Quiet Little Marraige

Olive and Dax are a happily married couple.  Olive has a father with alzheimers who thinks she's his wife.  Dax has a brother named Jackson who is hooked on drugs and getting ready to elope with a woman he just met.

One evening, Olive and Dax are having dinner with another couple Monique and Adam, who just had a baby.  Later that evening, Olive tells Dax she'd like to have his baby.  The problem is they agreed not to have children and Dax is still serious about that but Olive isn't.  It turns out Dax and Jackson both had a rough childhood with a promiscuous mother and an abusive stepfather and he doubts he would make a good parent because of it.

Despite Dax's reservations, Olive decides to trick Dax into having a child by poking a hole in her contraceptive diaphragm and having lots of sex with Dax during the month.  Later, she takes a pregnancy test that turns up negative and she wraps it in lots of tissue to try to hide it from Dax.  Despite this, Dax finds it while taking out the trash and later finds her diaphragm with a hole in it.

Dax's way to handling this is to go to the pharmacy and renew Olive's birth control pill prescription.  Every morning, he crushes up a pill and puts it in her coffee.  Then we're treated to a montage of them having sex, Dax putting pills in coffee, and Olive frantically poking numerous holes in her diaphragm.

Eventually, Olive gets worried and goes to the OB/GYN, who informs her that she still has some birth control pills in her bloodstream and once they leave, she should be able to conceive.  So, she goes home and finds the stash of pills and is curious how easy it would be to mask them in a drink, so she takes her blender and adds some fruit, some birth control pills, and an assortment of other pills in her medicine cabinet and tries a sip.  Convinced that it's not noticable, she realizes Dax has been slipping her some pills in her coffee and she proceeds to pack her belongings to leave him.  He comes home and finds the smoothie in the blender and drinks it up without thinking.  Then, he finds her in her bedroom packing her stuff and they both confront each other about their mutual deception.

At the end of their conversation, Dax feels dizzy and falls over and Olive realizes he drank the smoothie and calls 911.

After he has his stomach pumped, they separate and she proceeds to live in the store that she works at.

While all of this is happening, there's a subplot about Olive's father's condition slowly getting worse at his retirement home and she may have to figure out other arrangements.  Right after her separation, she gets a call from her father's nurse informing her that he passed away the night before.  Distraught, she returns home and she and Dax appear to have forgiven each other enough to get back together.

After all of this, Dax tells Olive he is now ready to have a child with her, but now she is hesitant due to what just happened between them.  Just then, the doorbell rings and Dax's brother Jackson is at the door with an infant boy that he explains is his son that he had with the woman he eloped with.  She has deserted them and he now realizes he needs to go to rehab if he wants to raise his son right.  He pleads with Dax to take care of his son in the meantime.  This provides Dax and Olive a chance to try taking care of a child to see if it's right for them or not.

The movie ends with Dax and Olive sitting on a couch with their nephew unsure of where to go from there.

Thanks Jeremy A!