We Are What We Are
Somos lo que hay

After a man dies, his family, wife Patricia (Carmen Beato), sons Julián (Alan Chávez) and Alfredo (Francisco Barreiro), and daughter Sabina (Paulina Gaitan) must pick up the pieces. What makes the family special however is that they are cannibals that must find their meals to complete a "ritual." In addition, two detective's Tito (Daniel Giménez Cacho) and Owen (Jorge Zárate) are looking for them after the autopsy on their father found human remains in his stomach.

These events come to a head one night when Alfredo tries to be the leader of the family and bring home the prey, a gay teenager. However, the boy gets away and alerts the police. Alfredo and Julián go look for him as Sabina and Patricia ready another man for their ritual. Tito corners the boys but is mistaken for one of the cannibals and is killed by a cop. Owen finds the apartment but is murdered by the Patricia and Sabina. The four attempt to start their ritual but are interrupted by the police. Julián shoots two cops and the family is trapped on the second floor. Patricia says one of them must stay alive for the ritual and when Alfredo refuses to leave, Patricia abandons her children and escapes via the rooftops.

Seeing no way out, Alfredo starts biting his sister as if to eat her. Julián shoots him in the head, and then is killed by the police in turn. Sabina is considered to be a survivor and is taken to the hospital (by biting her, Alfredo made her look like a victim, not an accomplice). Patricia hides in a playground only to be found and beaten to death by the prostitute friends of the girl she murdered earlier in the movie. The next day, Sabina escapes the hospital, and looks at a man at the market with an ominous smile. It appears she will continue on with family ritual of killing and consuming human flesh.

Thanks Spectre!