Fun Size

As Aaron Riley (Thomas McDonell) is serenading her with a song at his party, Wren (Victoria Justice) cannot help but think about her friend Roosevelt (Thomas Mann) and decides she likes him more, finding him to be funny and kind. However, Roosevelt walks in and thinking Wren is choosing Aaron, leaves heartbroken. Wren chases after Roosevelt but he drives off. Wren then gets a call from Jurgen (Johnny Knoxville) who is holding her brother Albert (Jackson Nicoll) hostage over a prank go wrong. Wren escapes with her brother thanks to the unexpected help of Fuzzy (Thomas Middleditch) who gets his revenge on Jurgen by firebombing his house with firecrackers and distracts the police so the siblings can escape. Wren takes Albert to their father's grave to pay their respects, and Albert finally talks again, thanking Wren for saving him and taking him to see his father. Their mother Joy (Chelsea Handler) who left her own Halloween party after realizing how foolish she has been acting, guesses they went to the cemetery and drives them home.

When they get back, Roosevelt is there and he talks to Joy, thinking Wren is in trouble for the previous night (though Joy knows nothing about what has occurred) and eventually confesses he loves Wren. Wren is nearby and smiles that her feelings for him are mutual and two finally kiss.

Wren's friend April (Jane Levy) wakes up to find she apparently hooked up with Peng (Osric Chau) the night before. She is momentarily embarrassed but decides to forget about her reputation for five minutes and just go with it, making out with him some more as he wakes up.

Fuzzy gets over his ex and the next day Denise (Riki Lindhome) aka Galaxy Scout stops by his convenience store and asks if he wants to hang out later, implying Fuzzy will start a relationship with her.

Joy signs her daughter's college aid forms so she can go to NYU and Wren discovers her brother taped her silly rap from the day before and made an embarrassing Youtube video with it, the film ending with Wren screaming at her brother in embarrassment.

During the Credits, it is revealed that Albert, who everyone believed hadn't talked in a year, had been prank calling his mom for months.

Thanks Spectre!