After spending a whole day trying to fix things, Stuart Conway (Sean Astin) is able to use his Slipstream time program to travel back the entire day right before the robbery even takes place. Since FBI agent Sarah Tanner (Ivana Milicevic) and bank robber Winston Briggs (Vinnie Jones) grabbed onto him as he activated the program, they are self-aware of everything that would occur. As such, Briggs chooses to not rob the bank knowing his crew would die in the process. Briggs and his crew drive away alive.

Sarah happily embraces her partner and lover Jake Hallman (Kevin Otto) and they leave the bank .

Sarah decides to leave Conway alone as she now knows he is harmless (and because he helped save Jake's life). Conway gets a date with a female bank teller and evades being arrested by what is implied to be his bosses by using Slipstream once more. Conway then heads off for a while to have some fun with time.  

Thanks Spectre!