That's My Boy

In 1984, 13 year old Donny (Adam Sandler) has an affair with his teacher (Susan Sarandon) (ewww,statutory rape).  They get caught, she has his baby (Todd aka Han Solo) and she is sent to prison for 30 years.  Donny briefly becomes a celebrity and becomes estranged from his son.

Fwd to 2012. 

Donny learns he owes $43K to the IRS and attempts to make the cash by arranging a reunion with Todd (Andy Samberg) and his mother to be filmed for TV. 

Donny goes to Cape Cod to persuade Todd and wins over Todd's friends while alienating Todd even more.  Todd finally visits his mother but after running into the film crew learns the truth and gets even more annoyed with his immature father. 

Donny learns that Todd's fiance is cheating on him with her brother (ewwww, incest) and she tries to buy him off.  He finally tears up the check at the wedding and revelations cause a lot of comedic violence. 

Todd leaves his fiance and reconciles with Donny.  Donny is planning on going to jail when a bet he made on a fat marathoner comes through and he can pay off the IRS.  

Thanks Don P!