The Thompsons

A direct sequel to the Hamilton's, the siblings now named the Thompson's are on the run in Europe after causing a bloodbath when their youngest brother Lenny (Ryan Hartwig) is wounded during a robbery gone wrong in Califorina. Francis (Cory Knauf) is sent into the London countryside to find a person named "Manderson" and is taken under the wing of the Stuart family. Francis believes his family will be safe finally and becomes enamored with Riley (Elizabeth Henstridge), the human daughter of the Stuart family who did not turn unlike the rest of her family.

However, it is all a trap. The Stuart family conspires to kill the siblings and use Darlene Thompson (Mackenzie Firgens) as a means to keep the Stuart bloodline alive. "Manderson" is actually the maiden name of the siblings mother. Francis is buried alive, Darlene is raped several times by Mr. Stuart and his sons, and Wendell (Joseph McKelheer) is grievously wounded. However, Riley has become horrified by her family's actions and of her own compliance, saves Francis from captivity. Riley is forced to kill her brothers in a struggle, while Francis confronts Mr. Stuart who has taken David and Lenny hostage. Lenny awakens and kills Mrs. Stuart while Francis beats Mr. Stuart unconscious, and lets Darlene kill him for sexually assaulting her.

Francis learns Lenny recovered due to drinking the blood of a fellow vampire, making it possible that they could sustain themselves off "monsters" like them and stop hurting so many innocent people, though Francis has come to peace with what his family is. Francis asks Riley to come with them, but she initially refuses, believing she needs to punish herself for her family's actions. However, she decides she wants their story to have a happy ending, and leaves with the siblings. Francis concludes that he knows where he belongs now; that it is not blood that keeps them alive but family, and that they are always traveling towards home. 

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