The Day

The entire movie takes place over a 24 hour period.
MARY (Ashley Bell), is the only survivor.

After an apocalyptic event, 5 friends find an abandoned farm house. Inside, they find enough canned food to last a month and enough supplies for a group 4 times their size, but the farm house is a trap, set up to get food and supplies, by FATHER – (Michael Eklund), the leader of a cannibalistic clan.

RICK (Dominic Monaghan) is killed by a booby-trap, in the basement; that also sets off an alarm, alerting Father and the clan. When MARY (Ashley Bell) hears the alarm going off, she reveals that she was once a member of the clan and knows what they will do if the group is captured. She goes on to explain, that years earlier, while she was with a small group from the clan, making a supply run, her younger sister broke her leg. Instead of helping her, they killed, and ate her. Marry killed the entire group in their sleep and went off on her own, until joining this group. Even though they no longer trust her, they need her to help fight, so they let her stay. However, ADAM (Shawn Ashmore), wants to kill Mary right then, because the group she was with at the time killed his wife and 6 year old daughter, while he was in an abandoned house, looking for supplies.

Father sends a group to attack the house. They are all killed quickly. After dark, Father sends his young son up to the house to spy and get a count of how many are actually in the house. While looking in the window, he is shot in the head by Shannon (Shannyn Sossamon). Father sends another wave of his clan in, and they manage to wound HENSON (Cory Hardrict), before all but one is killed. That one survivor grabs Shannon and drags her outside. Henson goes outside to save her and kills 3 more, before running out of bullets. Shannon runs back inside and Henson is killed by the remaining clan member, with a hammer to the head. Other members arrive and help load his body onto a cart and take him away.

Just as the sun is coming up, Father sets the house on fire. Mary offers to surrender so that Adam and Shannon will have a chance to escape. Shannon hands her a shotgun and lets her walk outside. Mary, seeing that Father is unarmed and his men only have knives, clubs, etc; tries to shoot Father, but the shotgun is empty. While ADAM and Shannon are making their escape, Shannon shows Adam the shells from the shotgun. Adam turns around and goes back for Marry. Shannon continues towards the woods. Adam uses the last bullet in his rifle to shoot Father in the head and he and Mary kill all remaining clan members. However during the fight Adam is stabbed. He and Mary sit together and he tells her that he forgives her for being a part of the group that killed his family, then he dies and Mary respectfully burns his body. Shannon makes it into the woods but when she sits down by a tree to relax, Fathers daughter cuts her throat. The movie ends with Mary walking alone and seeing Fathers daughter leaned down next to his body. The little girl starts walking with Mary, who lets her come along. After a few steps, a sharp rock drops out of the little girls sleeve and into her hand. Before she can use it, Mary grabs her machete and cuts off the little girls head. She then continues walking… alone  

Thanks Alan G!