Scary or Die

• The Crossing - The dead immigrants turn into zombies and eat their murderers
• Taejung's Lament - The mysterious abductor was Van Helsing, Min-Ah was a vampire and Van Helsing kills both her and Tae Jung
• Re-Membered - The hitman's victim has supernatural powers and came back to life. The victim ends up killing the hitman.
• Clowned - Emmett realizes that he can't fight off the hunger forever, so sets up a situation where the police shoot and kill him.
• Lover Come Back - The Walking Woman had received voodoo powers from her grandfather. She returns from the dead to kill the boyfriend she still loves (and who murdered her) so that they can spend eternity together.

Long Endings:
The film begins on a dark and stormy night. An unseen figure sits at a computer, viewing a website that has collected horrific short stories (similar to Funny or Die or YouTube). We watch the stories that the figure clicks on:

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