The Substitute 3: Winner Takes All

After the daughter of a mercenary friend, Nicole Stewart (Rebecca Staab) is attacked at her college by football players juiced up on steroids, Karl Thomasson (Treat Williams) goes undercover once more. He finds a football program corrupt with steroid abuse and aligned with a local mob syndicate. After a student dies of an overdose, Thomasson becomes more determined to bring the syndicate down. After killing the mobster's son in self defense, a member of Thomasson's team is killed in retaliation.

Having enough, Thomasson and his remaining team storm the mobster's warehouse, killing all his men, and Thomasson pins the mobster to a wall with a car, crushing his legs and killing him.

Thomasson says goodbye to Nicole and heads off once more. A radio broadcast at the end of the movie states that the doping scandal at the college was exposed and the football coach committed suicide in disgrace.

Thanks Spectre!