After a careless prank causes the death of a birthday clown Richard "Stitches" Grindle (Ross Noble), Tom (Tommy Knight) tries to move on, remorseful and traumatized by the incident. Now seventeen, his friends throw him a birthday party, with all those who were at the original party in attendance. Stitches rises from the grave and proceeds to kill them one by one.

Tom realizes that the only way to kill the undead clown is to destroy the egg with Stitches likeness on it (as it is attached to his spirit), that is in a clown crypt in the graveyard. He and Kate  (Gemma Leah Devereux) travel there though Stitches finds them. When debating who to kill, Tom's friend Vinny (Gerald Ahern) shows up and ties Stitches shoelaces together. Tom causes him to fall on his egg, smashing it and ensuring his demise.

Tom and his mother move from their house down the street due to the deaths. Kate gives him a better telescope so he can "keep an eye on her" and they kiss, signifying they became a couple. Back at the graveyard, the clown cult leader is attempting to put Stitches egg back together, so he can be resurrected.

Order of deaths

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