Jasmine (Janeane Garofalo) answers a personals ad from Arliss (Mitch Rouse), and agrees to meet him at a coffee house.  Arliss does not know what Janeane looks like and she uses this to reveal his superficial attitude. 

We then learn that Jasmine intends to kill herself on her 31st birthday at the exact time of her birth, as a result of being a bipolar suicidal manic depressive for 30 years, with no relief in sight.  Arliss begins to bond with her and resolves to help her, but she hancuffs him so that he can not follow her.  He escapes the cuffs, but is only able to call an answering service to leave her messages.

On her birthday, shortly before the time of her birth, she calls him and thanks him for a wonderful time. He expresses frustration at what she has done to him and the call ends. We never learn what happens to Jasmine but have to assume the worst.

Arliss then places a new ad where he is more sensitive.

Thanks Don P!