Trevor Garfield, AKA- Mr. G (Samuel L. Jackson) is a Teacher who was attacked and stabbed by a student, Dennis Broadway (Method Man) in the hall of the school, in front of teachers and students.

15 months later, MR. G recovers enough to return to work. On the day of his return, he is harassed by a gang member, Benny Chacon (Lobo Sebastian) and members of his gang; Cesar Sanchez (Clifton Collins Jr.), Paco (Demetrius Navarro) and Stevie Littleton (Jonah Rooney).

He goes in to the Teachers Lounge to relax and calm down and immediately makes friends with, and later begins a relationship with fellow teacher Ellen Henry (Kelly Rowan).

The gang begins harassing Ellen Henry as well. Even going so far as to kill her dog.

Tired of the abuse, Mr. G kills Benny. The police just assume it's gang related and look no further.

Cesar then takes over as leader of the crew, and the harassment continues. While walking down the street, smoking a joint, Cesar is shot with an arrow, with a hypodermic needle on the end of it and passes out. When he wakes up, his right index finger (his Trigger Finger) has been cut off. Cesar tells the police that Mr. G did it, but they don't believe him.

Later, Cesar and the rest of the gang break into Mr. G's house and force him to play Russian Roulette. Cesar forces Mr. G to go first and the revolver just clicks. Without warning, Mr. G. cocks the hammer and goes again, shooting himself in the head. Cesar wanting to prove he could have beaten Mr. G, puts a round in the gun, spins the cylinder and against the insistence of Paco and Stevie, pulls the trigger; killing himself as well. Paco and Stevie run away leaving Mr. G and Cesar dead in the house.

Days later, at Graduation, the Valedictorian is Rita Martinez (Karina Arroyave), the student that Mr. G was tutoring and who was also being harassed by the gang. In her speech, she talks about how if Mr. G had affected her life for the better and his death/the loss of a great teacher is a shame. During her speech, we see Stevie standing on the other side of the fence, obviously sad and affected by what he was a part of. During the Graduation Speech, Ellen Henry is cleaning out her class room. She throws everything into a trash can, including her teaching certificate and walks out empty handed.

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