Zapped Again

Kevin (Todd Eric Andrews) and Lucy (Kelli Williams) end up falling in love with each other, but things take a dark turn for Kevin when, while discussing the Science Club booth for the upcoming homecoming festival with Lucy, Elliott (Ira Heiden), Chris (Ross Harris), and Joanne (Linda Larkin) in their lab, Mrs. Burnhart (Sue Ane Langdon) storms in with Wayne (Reed Rudy) following behind her. Wayne points her to the secret cubby hole where Kevin had first discovered the bottles of telekinetic formula, and there, she finds several illegal (in high school) items inside it. Realizing that Wayne and the Key Club had planted those things in there, Kevin tries to tell her it was all Wayne’s doing, but Burnhart places the blame on him instead, due to his record, and suspends him from the Science Club. She takes the items out with her, including the last bottle of the telekinetic formula. Wayne then blackmails the club into working the Key Club booth at the festival in exchange for having their names cleared, and he tells Kevin he has something special planned for him there.

Later, Joanne overhears a conversation between members of the Key Club about how Wayne plans to humiliate Kevin at the festival, and reports this to the others. Kevin formulates a plan: Since they have to fulfill Wayne’s responsibility of providing food for the booth, they bring in a bunch of hot dogs and spike them with large amounts of flea medication for dogs, so anyone who eats them will break out in very itchy rashes and blame Wayne for it.

At the festival, Kevin discovers that Wayne plans to have him dress up like a cheerleader and get pelted with tomatoes from the crowd, which is bad news for him because he is violently allergic to tomatoes (Wayne secretly read Kevin’s school file to find this out). Worse, he learns from Elliott that, though the festivalgoers have eaten the spiked hot dogs, no one has gotten itchy yet. Figuring that the last bottle of telekinetic formula is probably stashed in Burnhart’s office, Lucy tells Kevin that she and the others will find some way to get the formula out of there and get it to him before he gets pelted.

Elliott, Chris, and Joanne succeed in finding and getting the bottle out, and Lucy gives it to Kevin and he drinks it at the last possible moment. His powers restored, he makes the crowd throw the tomatoes at Wayne, and then the flea medication finally kicks in and makes everyone all itchy. Burnhart shows up demanding to know what is going on, and Wayne tells her that Kevin and the Science Club must have spiked the weiners, which Kevin admits to. Burnhart immediately expels him, but unwilling to go down alone, Kevin demands Wayne to fess up to his earlier misdeeds. Wayne refuses, so Kevin telekinetically makes him hit himself repeatedly with his own fist until he admits to having framed and blackmailed the Science Club. Burnhart tells Wayne that he is removed from the football team, and he and the Key Club are indefinitely suspended.

As some angry festivalgoers start chasing after Wayne, Burnhart apologizes to Kevin (essentially rescinding the expulsion) and leaves with her new husband, Coach Kirby (Lyle Alzado). Wayne then comes back and begs Kevin to help him escape the mob, so Kevin uses his telekinesis to send him flying all over the place. He and Lucy kiss while this happens.

Thanks Tornado Dragon!