Mannequin Two:
On the Move

Despite Count Spretzle’s (Terry Kiser) efforts to keep Jessie (Kristy Swanson) all for himself, Hollywood (Meshach Taylor) manages to sneak Jason (William Ragsdale) into the department store’s tribute presentation to Hauptmann-Koenig and the Enchanted Peasant Girl so he can get close to Jessie and remove her cursed necklace and bring her to life. However, Spretzle intervenes before he can get near her, saying that she belongs to him, but Jason tells him that she is a human soul and therefore belongs to no one. They have a swordfight, which Jason wins with an assist from Hollywood. Jason then removes the necklace, bringing Jessie to life in front of the spectators. Spretzle then draws a gun and forces Jessie to come to him, and he takes her in the direction of the store’s roof. Jason and Hollywood give chase.

Spretzle gets Jessie to the roof and into a hot air balloon his trio of henchmen got for him so he can escape to Bermuda with her, but Jason and Hollywood arrive as he is taking off, and Jason manages to grab onto one of the mooring ropes and climb his way up into the basket. He punches Spretzle, almost sending him out of the basket to the streets below, but he pulls him back in because he can’t bring himself to kill him. Spretzle is not so merciful, however, and he tries to force Jason out. Jessie ends up saving the day by putting the necklace around Spretzle’s neck and cursing him to sleep for 1,000 years until true love takes his curse away, turning him into a mannequin. Jessie pulls Jason back in, which causes Spretzle to get pushed out, and he falls to the ground and breaks into several pieces. He then gets swept away by a street cleaner before his henchmen can gather the pieces up. Jessie and Jason kiss as they ride off in the balloon.

Back at Hauptmann-Koenig, it is shown that Spretzle’s henchmen were able to reclaim all of his pieces and put him back together (though shoddily), for he is now on display in the same spot where Jessie used to be. Jessie and Jason get married.

Thanks Tornado Dragon!