The Girlfriend Experience

After spending a whole day with David (David Levien), a client from Los Angeles, and feeling a genuine mutual connection with him, Christine (Sasha Grey) accepts an offer from him to go away together for a weekend to see if something more emerges between them. When she tells Chris (Chris Santos) about this, he gets very angry with her, both because they had agreed that she would never go away with any of her clients and because she was going to be throwing away their relationship to get closer with a man who already had a wife and kids and who would most likely return to them when the weekend was over. She decides to make the trip, and they break up. Chris ends up going on a trip to Las Vegas with some businessmen he knows (he initially didn’t want to go because he couldn’t bring Christine along), and they party and meet a lot of women, and Chris starts to overcome the breakup by mingling with a few of them.

Some time after Christine arrives at the destination David said he’d meet her at, he calls her to tell her that he is going back to Los Angeles, after having broken down in tears while doing a video chat with his kids. Saddened, Christine returns to New York City. As she is making her way back, we hear a voiceover of a review written by the Erotic Connoisseur (Glenn Kenny) – whom she had earlier met and had sex with in exchange for a good review on his Internet message board – where he harshly expresses his complete dissatisfaction with her performance (though the reason why she performed so unsatisfactorily was because she found him disgusting in every sense of the word). She returns to her empty apartment and finds a package Chris had left for her on the table, which turns out to be the painting that David had bought during their first day together.

Despite these unfortunate events, Christine continues on with her profession.

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