Fraternity Vacation

Wendell ends up hooking up with Ashley, and he, Joe, and Larry become friends with the rival fraternity guys Chas and J.C. (or, at least, things will now be far less adversarial between them).

One day, Wendell (Stephen Geoffreys) meets Nicole’s (Amanda Bearse) parents at a fancy restaurant, but discovers that her father is the strict and abrasive Police Chief Ferret (John Vernon), with whom he had a bad encounter with the night before. Ferret angrily grabs him and throws him out of the restaurant. Nicole meets him outside and tells him that she is sorry that he didn’t get her father’s approval, but Wendell points out how she smiled as she said that, and tells her that she must have liked seeing him get manhandled like that and that she was not as nice a person as he thought she was. Nicole coldly says goodbye, and Wendell drives off in tears.

Ashley (Sheree J. Wilson) spots Chas (Leigh McCloskey) and J.C. (Matt McCoy) meeting up with Joe (Cameron Dye) and Larry (Tim Robbins) at the latter duo’s apartment, so she goes over there, and out of their field of vision she hears about the $1,000 bet Joe and Chas made with each other over who would get to sleep with her first and then presenting each other with false evidence of having done so. She angrily confronts them and tells them how hurt she is over them lying to her and taking advantage of her vulnerability for a bet, and also expresses disgust over how they are lying to each other now. She then runs away crying, and Joe tries to catch up to her to apologize, but she takes off in her car before he can reach her. Larry then gets a call from a concerned Nicole, who tells him about what her father did to Wendell and that he isn’t with her now, but then the phone suddenly gets disconnected on her end before he can find out any other details. After telling Chas and J.C. to keep an eye out for Ashley in case she came back, Larry gets Joe, and they hotwire Chas’s car and drive over to Nicole’s house.

When they arrive there, they try to speak to her, but Ferret rudely turns them away. In an act of revenge, they drive the car through his fence into the backyard, ruining a party he had going on, and he puts them both in jail at city hall. Later on, Chas and J.C. find out about all of this and go down to city hall to try to convince Ferret to release the guys, but Ferret is steadfast in his decision. The duo then go to the Last Blast Party and recruit all of the partygoers to come stage a protest outside of city hall demanding their release. Ferret is initially still unwilling to budge, but Nicole – who is there with him – tells him that if he doesn’t free Joe and Larry, she’ll stop speaking to him and marry a Democrat. He caves in to this and sets them free. Once outside, Chas and J.C. tell them that, though they may be from rival fraternities, they are more than willing to stand by them in the face of a common enemy.

Meanwhile, Ashley has a chance encounter with Wendell on the highway (they met briefly once before), whom she stops to help because his jeep has broken down. After noticing that she is crying, they start to talk, and they converse over the bad day they both had and really open up to each other. Through all of that, they develop a romantic connection, and end up kissing.

The next morning, Joe, Larry, Chas, and J.C. return to the apartment along with Chrissie (Barbara Crampton) and Marianne (Kathleen Kinmont) to celebrate their victory over Ferret, and Wendell emerges from the bedroom, followed by Ashley, indicating that they had sex. Joe apologizes to her for his part in hurting her, and she forgives him.

At the end of spring break, Wendell and Ashley say their goodbyes at the airport, and they promise to call each other and share a kiss. Wendell then heads with Joe and Larry toward their plane to go back to Iowa, shaking hands with Chas and J.C. as they go.

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