Belle helps Andy become a better driver by having him sing while he drives, which serves to distract him from his nervousness behind the wheel. Together, they figure out where Vanessa and her gang will commit their last bank robbery, and after ruining it, they then outwit them in the subsequent high-speed car chase, enabling the combined forces of the NYPD and FBI to arrest them. Andy is reinstated to the police force, and Belle becomes a NASCAR driver, with all of the New York banks as her sponsors. Her boyfriend Jesse proposes to her before her first race, and she accepts.

Having grown tired of Andy’s (Jimmy Fallon) repeated blundered attempts to catch Vanessa (Gisele Bundchen) and her gang, Marta (Jennifer Esposito) fires him from the police force. But, on the plus side, Belle (Queen Latifah) teaches him how to be a better driver by telling him not to over-think things and by having him sing along to songs on the radio, which distracts him from his nervousness.

Andy and Belle figure out that the gang rob banks on garbage day: They put the stolen cash in the trash, lead the police on a chase, and the garbage man takes the cash and gets it to them later on. The garbage collector who is assisting them, Anthony (Joe Lisi), is only doing so because they – along with their male member (Adrian Martinez) – have held his wife hostage and threatened to kill her if he didn’t cooperate.

After figuring out where the gang’s last robbery is taking place, Andy phones Marta about it. He and Belle then stop outside the bank just as the gang is about to finish up their robbery, and shortly after, a combined squad of police officers and FBI agents converge on the scene under the command of Marta and Agent Mullins (Christian Kane). Vanessa tells one of her cohorts via her headset to take a hostage, and then she steps out of her car to face the cops and agents. The gang then appears with a hostage, and Vanessa tells the cops that she and her gang are leaving with the hostage, and if they follow them, the hostage will be killed. Unwilling to see that happen, Marta volunteers to take the hostage’s place, and Vanessa allows it. Vanessa repeats the warning to the cops before she and her gang take off with Marta.

Since the police can’t track them, Belle calls in the help of her former bike messenger co-workers, chiefly Mario (GQ), to do the job. Anthony then shows up to pick up the cash, so Andy comes up to him and has him take him and Belle to the gang’s hideout. Once there, Andy and Belle overwhelm the male gang member, free Anthony’s wife, and recover the stolen cash.

Meanwhile, Mario catches up with the gang and calls Belle, and Belle has him put Vanessa on the line. Belle tells her that they have her cash, but are willing to trade her the money for Marta, and both sides agree to a meeting place to make the exchange. The gang then takes off with Mario’s phone. However, at the meeting place, the gang drives past Andy and Belle, and Vanessa calls Belle and says that they never said they would stop there, and tells her and Andy to follow her so they can make the exchange on the go. Belle activates the special gadgets in her cab, and the chase commences.

They catch up with the gang on a highway, and Andy tells Belle that he has a plan, but they must stall the exchange until the right moment. He ends up getting the gang to follow him and Belle onto a long bridge that he knows is under construction, and after the exchange is completed there, he has Belle hit the brakes while the gang drives onto an unfinished section with nowhere to escape to. When Andy and Belle step out and gloat over their victory, Vanessa shoots at them in a fit of defeated rage, and Belle takes a bullet to the chest. As Mullins and the other cops and agents show up to arrest the gang, Andy successfully drives Belle to the hospital to get her treated. 

Some time later, Belle is shown preparing to compete in her first-ever NASCAR race, and all of the New York banks are her sponsors. Andy – reinstated to the police force – shows up while doing an undercover assignment with Marta and his mother (Ann-Margret) to wish her luck, and just before the race begins, her boyfriend Jesse (Henry Simmons) proposes to her on the jumbotron. She accepts.

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