Manual of Love

4 interconnected stories centered around book called "Manual of Love"

Tommaso & Guilia
Tommaso's persistence pays off and Guilia falls in love with him. They marry. At their honeymoon, they watch the same show as Barbara & Marco

Barbara & Marco
Barbara believes Marco is no longer the man she once fell in love with. She wants kids and Marco doesn't. Marco also rebuffs her attempts to talk about their relationship. She kisses another man on a drunken night out and binge drinks, but is rescued by Marco. They discuss their relationship on a park bench and Marco's car is almost towed by traffic cop, Ornella.

Ornella wrecks revenge on her cheating husband and all men by being harsh and issuing fines for petty matters. After rescuing the handsome newsreader who lives in her old building, she realises she wants to be back with her husband. However she needs to go to court regarding a man she ticketed and got into a dispute with, Goffredo, a pediatrician.

Goffredo, a pediatrician
After being let off by Ornella due to trauma from abandonement by his wife, he attempts to have a tryst with his nurse but this goes very badly. Goffredo decides to run away from work and swim clothed in the sea. He is found by a little girl who is the daughter of Tommaso's sister. She spends the day with Goffredo and a romance appears to blossom.

It turns out the reader of the Manual of Love audiobook is Tommaso's sister.

Thanks Meng!