Michael (Peter Cilello) has left his pregnant wife to find his old friend Chris (Vinny Curran) who has sent him a video of smoking crack. Michael tracks him down and tries to convince him to go to rehab. When Chris refuses, Michael shocks him with a stun gun and handcuffs him to a pipe in the cabin Chris has been squatting in. Intending to make Chris go cold turkey, Michael sets up shop in the cabin.

During the week, Michael encounters the sinister Native American tribe that actually owns the cabin Chris has been staying in. In addition, he begins to find various media items such as film negatives and VHS tapes that tell grisly tales, with death being the resolution of said tales.

When Michael and Chris witness a tape of their own murder by some of Chris' dealers, they realize that a supernatural entity is reshaping reality to tell a tale of their deaths. They race to reshape their narrative. Their attempts lead them to find an audio tape of them being murdered by the Native American tribe. Chris and Michael then shape the narrative so that the drug dealers are in the cabin when the tribe show up. The dealers get murdered in their place. Michael and Chris think they have appeased the entity and gotten a happy ending; Chris even agrees to go to rehab and get clean.

However, just when they think they are okay, the entity rises up behind them in anger. Chris apologizes profusely while Michael asks it "Can we try it another way?" The screen cuts out to black, leaving their overall fate unknown.

Thanks Spectre!