To Sleep with a Vampire

A near line-for-line, scene-for-scene remake of Dance of the Damned.

During their night together, the vampire (Scott Valentine) takes Nina (Charlie Spradling) to see her son that she had been legally barred from seeing due to “kidnapping” him so she can wish him a happy birthday, and in return, she takes him down to Venice Beach and sets up a scenario for him to give him a good idea of what sunlight feels like. After this, she tells him that she doesn’t want to die anymore, and wishes that she could start her life over. However, he replies that he can’t let her live because she knows about him. They then go to the strip club she works at, and – per his request – she does one more dance for him, and they end up having sex afterward.

Upon their return to his apartment, the vampire feeds her some of his blood to give her a temporary glimpse into what being a vampire is like. She goes outside and almost attempts to bite a passing paperboy, but when the vampire comes out and asks if she would prefer that he take the boy instead of her, she comes to her senses and tells the boy to run. He then takes her back inside and tries to bite her as planned, but she fights back, and they have a brawl all over the apartment that ends with her locking herself in his bedroom, and by this point, the sun has risen.

She rips off the wooden boards over the bedroom’s window and lets the sunlight shine in, and she begs for the vampire not to come in. The vampire breaks down the door, anyway, and he gets caught in the sun’s rays and slowly collapses to the floor. As a crying Nina cradles him, he tells her that his name is Jacob, and then he dies. The movie ends with Nina continuing to cry on the floor as the sunlight shines on her.

Thanks Tornado Dragon!