Gabriella kills all her friends because they all had crushes on her husband. She thinks she's gotten away with it, but the house's owner, who she thought she had killed, is still alive.

Long Ending:
Gabriella goes to pick up her college friends (though none of these girls seem to like each other) for a weekend trip to a rented house in a rural area where she and her family used to vacation. Her friends include Anna (Tabitha Quitman), who recently broke up with her boyfriend; Silvia (Victoria Broom), a very promiscuous woman and drug user, and; Mary (Natalia Celino), who is very pious and virginal but is secretly addicted to pills. They have come to Spain to celebrate Gabriella's impending marriage to Michael, a very wealthy friend of theirs from college. Gabriella is an aspiring actress.

On the way to the vacation home, Gabriella stops at a general store where she says hi to the house's owner, a man named Anthony (Craig Fairbrass). Anthony knew Gabriella as a kid and is happy to see her again, though he warns her and the other women to stay away from his dog, who is old and vicious. As they drive to the house, Gabriella tells the girls that Anthony's pregnant wife was killed in a car crash years ago and he has never been the same since. When they arrive at Anthony's house, they find that one of the rooms is locked . The dog seems to get along well with Gabriella, but barks viciously at the others.

During dinner, Gabriella goes out to feed the dog. The other women begin mocking her poor acting abilities and theorize that she is a gold digger. They also mock her for still being hung up about her parent's divorce, even though they divorced when Gabriella was 14. While they talk, it is revealed that Anna used to date Gabriella's fiancée Michael, that Mary has always had a crush on him, and that Silvia slept with Michael while he was dating Gabriella. They then hear Gabriella scream and run outside to find the dog had bitten her. She claims that something in the woods spooked the dog. The women offer to take Gabriella to the hospital, but she declines to go as it is miles away. Meanwhile, Mary has stolen pills from Silvia and is tripping hard. At that moment, a male stripper (Pablo Olewski) shows up and the women immediately forget their worries and start grinding on him, with Mary and Silvia aggressively trying to seduce him.

Suddenly, Gabriella pukes and begins having seizures and collapses. The stripper attempts CPR and calls for an ambulance, but it is to no avail and Gabriella dies. Anna and Silvia go out to the porch to cry, while the drug-addled Mary propositions the stripper to take her virginity. The stripper covers Gabriella with a blanket and goes upstairs to have sex with Mary. Anna and Silvia come back in the house and pick up the phone to call the police and realize that the phone doesn't work, so the stripper never called the ambulance. Thinking he is the killer, they go upstairs and knock the stripper out while he is having sex with Mary. They go to leave the house and drive to town, but the dog attacks them before they can get to the car.

Eventually, Silvia and Mary distract the dog while Anna runs to the car. Silvia and Mary then watch in horror as someone who was hiding in the back seat attacks Anna. While being attacked, Anna sees a gun in the glove compartment and fires it at her assailant.  Anna then gets out of the car and collapses dead, having been stabbed in the back. The remaining women freak out and run upstairs. Mary is convinced the secret to what is happening lies in the locked room and breaks the door down. Inside, they see a bunch of dissected doll parts hanging from the ceiling and on a desk. Suddenly, Anthony appears behind them and begins to yell at them for breaking down the door. They accuse him of being a killer, but he eventually convinces them he is not. He explains that he came by the house to check on Gabriella and his dog and that the doll-room was his wife's workshop as she built and repaired dolls. They hear a noise and Anthony goes downstairs to investigate. Meanwhile the stripper recovers and he is interrogated by the girls. He reveals that he is actually Gabriella's gardener and that Gabriella set all this up as a joke to prove that she is a good actress. The women don't trust him, so they lock him in a bedroom and go downstairs.

They see Gabriella lying uncovered on the floor and find no sign of Anthony. Mary leans over to check Gabriella's pulse, and realizes that there is a layer of latex over Gabriella's neck. Gabriella then springs up and stabs and kills Mary. The latex around her neck prevented any of them from feeling her pulse. She chases Silvia into the kitchen, where she finds Anthony collapsed on the floor, having been stabbed. Silvia then runs upstairs and into the bedroom with the stripper. Gabriella starts chopping down the bedroom door with an axe, intending to let the dog come in and maul them. The stripper realizes Gabriella is psychotic and they make a rope out of the bed sheets to climb out the window. Silvia gets out, but the door collapses before the stripper can escape. The stripper manages to throw the dog out the window, thus incapacitating it, but then gets an axe to the stomach.

Gabriella chases Silvia to the car and reveals she still has the car keys. Gabriella reveals that she knew all three of the women were in love with or had had sex with Michael and that she refused to be cheated on like her dad did to her mother. Thus, she lured her "competition" for Michael to the cabin to kill them. She intends to pin everything on the gardener, and explains she moved some of her personal belongings into the gardener's living quarters so the police will think he was obsessed with her, tracked her to the cabin to be with her, and killed everyone when she turned him down. She notes that Anthony was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. The two are distracted when the stripper, still alive, stumbles out of the house. While Gabriella is distracted, Silvia grabs the gun from the car and shoots Gabriella point blank. Gabriella falls to the ground and Silvia cries with relief.

Silvia goes to help the stripper to his car. They pass  by the dog who is mangled from the fall, but still alive.  Silvia goes to shoot the dog to put it out of its misery, but the gun has no effect. The gun belonged to Gabriella, and Silvia realizes that it is loaded with blanks just as Gabriella runs up and kills the stripper. Gabriella chases Silvia into a barn, where Silvia finds a chainsaw. The two women scream and then run at each other with their respective weapons. We then see Silvia stumble out of the barn, before collapsing dead from her stab wounds.

A bloodied Gabriella emerges triumphant from the barn, having eliminated all her competitors for Michael's love. Little does Gabriella know, however, that Anthony has survived his stabbing and seems to be crawling away from the house. He knows Gabriella is the killer, and will expose her if he can make his way to safety.

Order of Deaths:

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