Ostrov: The Island

Anatoly has lived in a remote monastery on an island in northern Russia, since he was rescued during World War II.  He lives a life of great penance, sleeping on hard coals in the furnace room.  The other monks dislike him due to his bizarre behavior, poor hygiene, and constant pranks (coating the door knobs with mud, throwing another monks boots into the fire).  However, the local villagers believe he has the power to perform miracles and tell the future.  During the war, he was on a tugboat that was captured by nazis.  They told Anatoly that he had to kill the captain, Tikhon, or he would be killed.  Anatoly shot Tikhon.   He has been living like this in repentance for his great sin.

Anatoly predicts that he will die on Wednesday, and begins to prepare his coffin.  A Russian Admiral shows up with a daughter who is insane, hoping the holy man can cure her.  Anatoly cures the daughter.  The admiral asks why Anatoly lives like this, suffering in this isolated place. Anatoly reveals the secret that he is doing penance for this murder in his youth.  The admiral is Tikhon, he survived the shooting, fell overboard and made it to shore.  He forgives Anatoly.

On Wednesday, Anatoly lies down in his coffin, closes his eyes, and dies.  

Thanks Joseph C!