Dom Hemingway

After twelve years in jail Dom Hemingway (Jude Law) is released back into the world. He meets with his old friends and boss, in attempts to get back on his feet and get the money that he is owed. After getting the money he promptly loses it to his boss's girlfriend Paolina (Madalina Diana Ghenea) who steals it from his room.

After trying and failing  to get a job with an old enemies son, Dom is on his last legs. He meets the girl he saved from a car wreck and she explains that what he really wants might not be the money he has been so obsessed with. He then visits his wifes grave where his daughter and grandson meet him. We are led to believe that his daughter is open to building there relationship from there.

Walking away from the cemetery, Dom sees Paolina walking into a restaurant. He goes in, confronts her but instead of trying to get his money back, he tells her that he finally feels that luck is on his side. He leaves the restaurant and we see that he has stolen what looks like an extremely expensive ring from her. Dom smiles and walks away.

Thanks GCliff!